Gaining App Visibility That Matters – Prajyot Mainkar & Material All The World – Hasan Hoşgel

Gaining App Visibility That Matters

You’ve spent a lot of time in building an app that provides a better experience for users accessing your content from their android smartphones, but what if target users fail to discover your awesome app? This talk will discuss some of the latest trends and results of experiments that will help app developers to gain more visibility of their app.

Material all the world

This session gives you an insight of our migration to lollipop. The application shouldn’t only used from Lollipop onwards. So we had to be downward compatible. I show you how to use the app-compat support library as well RecyclerView and CardView. It also contains some technics/ workarounds so we accomplish nearly the same look and feel of the application in different api levels. This talk doesn’t go deep into animation, with is also a large part of Material. This session aims developers, who have already an application and for the ones, who want to create downward compatible ones.

Session, broadcasted Live on Butterfly TV, took place in Android Developer Days 2015

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